In 2005 Pinnacle Mountain Homes founder and CEO, Chris Renner, imagined a construction company that would bring efficiency, transparency, and a high-level of client service to the home-building industry. Fast-forward to 2018, the company employs over 60 people and was just named the Summit County Chamber’s Best Place to Work.

Paul Steinweg, VP of Construction, was there from the beginning and has been integral in the company’s evolution and success. A competitive ultra-marathon runner, family man, and owner of 13 pets (including 10 chickens), Paul finds joy in both excellence and its pursuit.

I chatted with Paul over coffee to learn more about him and Pinnacle’s early stages.

Originally from Maryland, Paul attended college in Pennsylvania. After graduation, Paul heard the mountains’ call, so he recruited eight friends to move to Breckenridge. They rented a place on Ridge Street, filling one room with gear, one with clothes and building bunk beds in the others.

He landed a job at Copper Mountain’s HR department and eventually ran Copper’s employee housing. He met his wife, Kelly and Chris, his soon-to-be employer.

“I knew Chris from church. He was starting a construction company and asked if I wanted to be a part of it. He offered me fifty cents more than what I was making at Copper, so I went for it. I was Pinnacle’s first employee and I still joke that I was the lowest-paid employee ever. At that time, I wore all the hats, office staff, field crew, designer, you name it.”

The early stages of Pinnacle were tough. The duo really had to work to prove themselves in the industry and community. But they made a great team and had likeable personalities working in their favor.

“We got a lot of criticism at first. Our processes were different than what the construction industry was used to so people didn’t quite understand. Ten years later, the majority of local competitors were mimicking our model. We improved how construction business is done.

“Chris and I are a great team. He is able to imagine 20 years in the future, and I’m the type that focuses on 1 year at a time. He gives the vision, and I work it out. If it we were building a home – no pun intended – Chris would be framing the outside and I would be figuring out the details and how it all goes together inside.”

Today, Pinnacle Mountain Homes has completed over 80 custom-home builds, maintaining a 100% client reference list.

“I am most proud of the people on our team. In an industry that can sometimes be very top-down and abrasive, and as a result low-quality, our team is very personable, easy to work with and we are all friends. We spend a lot of time together at weekly breakfasts, early morning runs, and happy hours. We all have really strong work ethics that help set us apart from everyone else in the area.”

For work-life balance, Paul prioritizes family, goes on weekly climbing lunch dates with his wife Kelly, and spends lots of time in Crested Butte camping. Running also plays a big role. “It helps me decompress. It’s how I’m able to shuffle the cards into a stack. It might still be a big stack, but at least I’m able to organize all my thoughts.”